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Korfez Foundry increases export targets for 2021

Emily Thomas

Korfez Foundry produces high alloy steel castings for the cement, energy, and mining industries and continues to export 85% of its production to various countries, especially in Europe. In 2020, Korfez Foundry increased the number of customers to 400 by focusing on Russia, Africa, America, and the Far East markets. Korfez Foundry is proud to export to 70 countries on five continents with its engineering centre located in Europe, offices located in different parts of the world, and a wide representation system. Thanks to its customer-oriented perspective, Korfez Foundry can quickly respond to the specific needs of its customers on different continents, and thus, maintains long-term relationships and increases its exporting capacity each year.

Korfez Foundry produces more than 40 000 types of products by integrating high technology systems into its factories and organises the production processes of its facilities in line with customer needs thru an agile production system. Thanks to a Processing Facility established in 2019, Korfez Foundry meets all the needs of its customers from its central facility in Turkey, thus shortening delivery times and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Korfez Foundry also offers other services to customers around the world such as engineering and supervision, process control and optimisation, equipment upgrades, and spare parts supply. Korfez Foundry provides these services through its engineering offices located in different parts of the world, thus providing solutions quickly to customers. The company continually improves day by day by utilising advanced technologies such as bimetallic part casting, composite casting and centrifugal casting.

The company places great importance on the quality control processes of their products, with quality controls throughout the process, rather than just at final inspection. This quality assurance starts with material inspection at the beginning of an order and continues throughout production and then post-delivery. Each member of the Korfez Foundry family adopts the quality approach in the corporation and aims to offer high quality solutions in accordance with environmental and sustainability policies.

The General Manager of Korfez Foundry, Cagdas Alan, emphasises the company’s pride in exporting to various locations from three facilities in Turkey and aims to increase the number of countries and customers each year. Highlighting that they aim to increase the number of countries they export to in 2021, Alan said that they are going to increase the capacity of their facilities.

Alan expressed his belief that his businesses and the country will overcome this difficult period in the world with minimal loss. Alan stated that Korfez Foundry continues to invest in information technologies, especially considering the dynamics of the sector they are in and they support many of their services online. Additionally, the company is happy to meet the needs of its customers even during travel restrictions, and always puts customer satisfaction at the centre of all their processes under all circumstances.

Underlining that development should be continuous in the iron and steel industry, as in all sectors, Alan stated that the company has developed its facilities in line with Industry 4.0, and created a dynamic business environment by investing in human resources with innovative training in order to continuously develop their expert staff.