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KORFEZ’s leading technology and technical know-how are powerful tools in the development of a range of innovative products for long-term usage, thus, offering the best possible solutions for the mining and cement industries.

Along with pursing innovation, we also address environmental concerns while improving our business processes and efficiency.


Due to our lean manufacturing process and internalized 5S philosophy, we are improving our productivity and increasing flexibility and dynamism each and every day.

Our young and dedicated team consisting of highly-qualified engineers and managers provide quick responses to customers’ needs, which is demonstrated by our long-term relationships with our customers.

Customer Oriented

KORFEZ’s area of core expertise is in casting, and as such, we are more than just a foundry!

We have a large, modern production facility that can provide solutions for all your needs from one center in Turkey.

KORFEZ listens to you, understands you, and offers the best solution for you. We put our customers first in our production of metal and create the best possible value for our customers as our main aim.


Korfez Foundry is a leading supplier serving the cement and mining industries. We operate in the field of alloyed steel castings and the production of metal components subject to wear.

We provide high-quality products and the best custom-based solutions for various industries. We have technical expertise based on many years of experience.

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