More than 30 Years of Experience in the Foundry

A Family Business that has Grown with the Experience Over Many Years

Korfez Foundry is a Turkish foundry firm was established in 1988 in Turkey. The main focus of Korfez Foundry is to follow innovations in its sector, integrate them into business processes, and thus to protect and advance its presence in the sector by continuous improvement in knowledge and skills. As one of the first reflections of this approach showing the importance given to continuous improvement, Korfez Foundry moved from its Dilovası factory, which is in the same region in 1996.

At our Dilovası factory, we continue our production processes by always taking steps to improve our knowledge and skills. Currently, we continue to produce business solutions for various sectors in our Dilovası factory, with a total area of 36.000m2 and a covered area of 15.000m2.

Korfez Foundry