Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Leaving our world livable to future generations is our responsibility.

Korfez Foundry aspires to generate high-quality and efficient production, customer satisfaction, reduce environmental effect, protect nature, and make all of these ingrained in every unit and level of the firm. It thinks that by constantly monitoring technical changes in an environmentally friendly setting, it may achieve long-term growth.

We conduct joint studies on the axis of sustainability in terms of cost, shipment, and quality, and fulfill the applicable conditions of the Quality Management System, in order to correctly analyze our customers’ expectations and needs, to produce appropriate solutions to ensure customer satisfaction, and thus to increase final customer satisfaction with a strong team that includes our employees and suppliers. We ensure employee engagement and generate high-impact client solutions in an environmentally responsible environment by focusing on lean production. While doing so, all researches are conducted in accordance with the principles of resource efficiency and environmental stewardship.

We Are Concerned About Occupational Health and Safety

Korfez Foundry prioritizes the personal health and safety of its staff and guests. It is considered that by implementing an effective Occupational Health and Safety system to defend against potential accidents and risks, accidents can be avoided and the risk of accidents reduced.

Controls, compliance audits, trainings, work procedures inspections, and personal protective equipment for employees’ Occupational Health and Safety establish a healthy and safe working environment within the Korfez Foundry.

We Are Environmentally Conscious

Korfez Foundry takes the necessary measures in all of its activities to protect the ecosystem consisting of air-water-soil-flora-fauna and humans, to ensure the protection of natural resources by using appropriate technologies, to eliminate the factors that may cause environmental pollution at the source, to use resources rationally and economically, to reduce wastes, and to work on their reuse and recycling.